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In the new economy, business decisions have become more complex and business owners have come to rely more and more on outsourcing important parts of their business to a variety of financial service providers. The following questions and many more are constantly popping up:

1.  What are the bookkeeping & accounting issues I need to be aware of when I sign a contract or a license?
2.  What financial structure is best for my business from a financial and tax view?
3.  What financial statements do I need to have on a regular basis to run my business effectively?

Now that the cash is beginning to roll in, you have to ask yourself a critical question.  Who should I trust to guide me through the many financial decisions that I have to make in the coming months and years? These questions and many more will require that you not just hire a part-time Bookkeeper or CFO, but a seasoned financial consultant who has had experience with ALL of the financial areas which impact your business. 

Thus the emergence of a new set of financial services which we call financial service TrustSourcing have arrived. Our goal is to provide such services in order to decrease certain financial risks. 

Has your Bookkeeper, Business Manager or Office Manager discussed their approach to Financial Sustainability with you?

Perhaps they don't have one.

Bookkeeping Warriors
"Because It's A Financial Jungle Out There"