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Coaching & Leadership Services

Listen, listen listen.  This is how we begin to understand your needs and then help you to formulate your new career or ownership goals and plans.  Whatever stage in life you are at, we can help you make better decisions. From working with mom and pop small businesses to working with Fortune 500 companies we have been there and done that.  We are well qualified to be your partner and help you to understand the range of choices available to you. 

CEO/Small Business Owner Coaching

Do you need a person to talk to discuss the leadership and operational issues relating to your small business? Concerned about the future viability of your business and whether you are making the right decisions? We can help by being a trusted advisor.

Career Coaching

Not sure what your next career steps should be?  Not sure if you should even be an employee?  Thinking of moving from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur? There are lots of decisions and our job is to guide you down whatever path is right for you at this time in your life. 

Leadership Skills

Are you in need of maturing your leadership skills?  We have taught leadership skills in dispute prevention, dispute resolution and sustainability.  As a former Sr. Mgr. for one of the larget consulting firms in the world, i am well qualified to help you with such skills.  i have also taught classes for the Calif. Society Of CPA's.

Has your Bookkeeper, Business Manager or Office Manager discussed their approach to Financial Sustainability with you?

Perhaps they don't have one.

Bookkeeping Warriors(sm)
"Its A Financial Jungle Out There"