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Our Values, Vision, Mission & Standards

Our work values are simple.  They are to promote and protect the financial sustainability of our clients.  

If your current financial consulting firm has not discussed the values which form the foundation for their services, you might ask yourself why?  Perhaps they have not thought about what values lie behind the financial services which they offer  

Our Vision:

Our work values provide the basis for our vision.  They also provide the basis for the solutions which we provide to our clients. Our vision is clear.  It is to become the leader in Financial Sustainability  Consulting.

If your current financial consulting firm has not discussed their vision with you and how it connects with their values, you might ask yourself why?  Perhaps they do not have a vision? Perhaps they don't know how their values and vision fit together?  This may mean that there are gaps in their financial solutions and that you are paying for these gaps in ways you may never know.

Our Mission:

It is to help our clients to achieve the highest level of Financial Sustainability that they can given their financial capability. 

Our Quality Standards

In order for us fullfill our mission, we recognize that we must set the highest of standards.  We cannot achieve our mission
without maintaining our standards. We participate in a rigorous quality control program. This self review of our practice ensures our achievement with the highest of professional standards.  

Part of these standards are dependant on continually 
learning more knowledge.  We therefore not only attend classes regularly, but where we have attained a level of knowledge that is of the highest level, we also teach classes.  

A key part of these standards is behavioral in nature.  It 
therefore impacts how we treat our clients, our co-workers and other people whom we work with.  What makes us unique is the personal attention, commitment and energy we bring to each client relationship. Each client is assigned a team, that includes a Financial Sustainability Officer, who work together to ensure that our values are being applied to our clients. 

Has your Bookkeeper, Business Manager or Office Manager discussed their approach to Financial Sustainability with you?

Perhaps they don't have one.

Bookkeeping Warriors(sm)
"Its A Financial Jungle Out There"